Market Visit + Cooking Class

Market Visit + Cooking Class

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These group classes are targeted towards an English-speaking crowd. Slow Food Kitchen is proud to offer visitors to Barcelona the chance to experience the city and its culinary culture with a high-quality standard, based on seasonal, local, sustainable and organic ingredients.


Camila Loew de Sobremesa.

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To start, our chef will guide you through our local market, the Santa Caterina market, for an experience of what it’s like to shop for food in Barcelona. Then we will gather in our Kitchen, armed with our beautiful food, to prepare tasty and authentic Spanish and Catalan recipes, which we will feast together on at the end of our workshop, with wine, the Mediterranean way. You can choose between a SEASONAL TAPAS menu or a SPANISH RICE menu. We strive to offer not only the highest quality food, but also shy away from the clichés and stereotypes to bring our guests closer to what real food here is like.